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HiDialer 2000 is a multipurpose utility designed to assist you with DUN (Dial Up Networking) connections to the Internet. It allows you to easily establish an Internet connection by simply selecting it from a handy icon in your system tray. HiDialer 2000 can automatically launch one or more of your favorite applications after an active Internet connection is established (such as your browser or email program), and then close them after disconnection. Using HiDialer 2000, you can schedule your computer to automatically connect to the Internet, automatically adjust your computer's clock to atomic time, automatically redial lost connections, and much more. The "Keep alive" function prevents your ISP from disconnecting you due to inactivity on your side. Other features include logging, online cost tracking and multilanguage support. HiDialer 2000 also shows your connection speed and the time duration of your Web sessions, and it supports several skins (appearances) that most users love to experiment with. HiDialer 2000 is highly configurable and incredibly easy to set up and use.

HiDialer 2000 Standard Features.
  • Launch programs on connection and close them on disconnection;
  • Trace all open processes and program windows. HiDialer 2000 disconnects if a specified window closes;
  • Updating your computer clock via the Internet;
  • Redial multiple phone numbers until a connection is established;
  • Reconnect every time when ping failure;
  • Detailed statistics for each Internet connection;
  • Baud rate (connection speed) display and idle time limit settings;
  • Automatic Internet connection scheduling by setting the time for connection and disconnection;
  • Logging for all Internet connections no matter what dialup program you use;
  • Keep alive function (continuously pings your ISP);
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Automatic reconnection if an unexpected disconnection occurs;
  • Many more convenient, timesaving features.

Product Info

Version: 3.2.19 build 1110
Release: 03/05/2004
Trial: 30 days
Price: $26.95

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